So – a visit on Friday to finish constructing the piece and the ongoing problems with how to display it has had me thinking and rethinking this particular element.

I want it to talk about conversations, bias and proximity. While I was in univeristy I rethought the display in the window because of the need for the interation with the piece.

I hired an adjustable pole with the idea that, much like Kevin Beasley’s interative piece at the Liverpool Biennale, the conversation could be placed in the center of the room or exhibiting place and AL and TA could walk around it to experience the conversation as taking up a physical space.

However, when I left it in the window at Pauls room I realised that it wasnt working (again) the weight of the wools and the planes adn their flat construction meant that th epiece is too flat looking.

I had tried lifting the lower part up and inside to support the top part and poof it out a bit so it took up more sideways space and as I left I thought I could create a cone to support it. However the legs of the tripod are distracting and rather prosaic. Its not something that is making me want to interact with it. it looks a bit like a rather sad christmas tree.

BUT followinf research into my Taxonomy of humour I came across Franz West and Edwin Wurm and it started me thinking of a better and more engaging way to work with the Conversational Threads.

I shall wear them. They can become a Particpatory Sculpture. I am hoping that on arriving AL or TA will in someway start a conversation, either to me or amongst themselves and I shall transcribe (slightly incorrectly) what they are saying. If I can work in homonyms I will but until it hapens I wont know how its going to go.

I intend to wrap them around my head and, dressed in black, sit on a chair so that the piece itself will be at head height, it will have some movement adn should be more poofed up. I just hope I dont get a “snot nose bubble” ….which is highly likely. Serious face on now Jo.