Working through last minute problems

I fully expected to walk into the space I had chosen to exhibit my 703 piece only to be thoroughly discombobulated. My idea, an hour into hanging, just was not working. Partly for practical reasons but mostly because at this point there just are not enough airplanes to make it work with enough mass. Also the  idea of a display, as I had proposed, as something resembling a flight of racing pigeons at the start of a race as an aesthetic was lost against the clutter of the room behind and it, frankly, just looked very messy.

Another hour – I tried creating a neat tower between each set of horizontal wire strut but the size of the planes vs the width of spa again just looked messy, partly because of the looseness of the strut wires which meant, again, I could not create enough tension to keep the strings taut.

After taking everything down AGAIN as I cut the strings I realised I had the answer. The strings, intentionally orange and a connection to many of the drawings I have done in thinking of this project, became tangled and the planes bunched. Perhaps, in a way, resembling a voice tracker graph with the points of the planes. Whilst the homonym “THREAD” came to mind –  the threads where tangled and so where the planes.

And….The “thread” of a conversation =  “A Conversational Thread” = tying itself to the Third Man And His Unreliable Narrative; the work analageous to a conversation but of course one of many in this case with many threads, and many interpretations (not least the interpretations of this piece of work !!!)  I have come up with a way of creating a conversation in a space, I havent finished assembling this yet but this is really showing promise and I am excited in a way that the first two tries hadnt made me feel. The bunch is becoming a good size and I am hoping that by the time it is finished it will be a sizable bunch (and that is with only one third of the eventual prints).

I may not now hang it in the window for the Assessment but it will go back there.  I think it would be better hung in a space so that AL and TA can walk around it and experience the conversation taking place between them and therefore experience proximity in a way which will be expanded with the next piece in this series.