Collecting and folding the annotated offset prints

Over the ast week I have collected up the prints from the village residents, I have been so pleased with their feedback and their enthusiasm to be part of the project. This has given me confidence to approach some local secondary Schols anad see if I can involve the children in creating the poems as part of a creative writing project. I spoke to a contact at a school I have worked with before and she was another possible avenue into schools.

I like the idea of using the school children for the project if I can. It links back to my own creative writing with art programme which, whilst I have failed to drive it to profit, is still something that appeals.

I now had roughly 230 retuned prints with fifty returned blank from teh congregation (I thought at the time they were being quite ambitious). The range of interpretations is both suprising and amusing as well as suprising. And also the disreguard for the prints as works of art. The first scrumpled rolled up delivery make me evaluate whey I felt rather unnerved by this! I came to the conclusion that actually, any outcome is acceptable, in much the same way as there is no control over a conversational response.

Today I orgainised a folding party at teh university, it wasa very pleasant few hours with a good mix of people and Phil (former MA Student who I hadnt met). Everyone folded their planes in pretty much the same way except for the occassional one, that is everyone except phile! who worked his way through his airplane folding book and came up with some spectacular and intriguing flying creations. I look forward to working our how to make them count as valuable contribution as analogogies for the curved balls occassionally dropped into a convesation. I am delighted.

Tomorrow I shall be hanging them in Paul’s Letter Press window and seeing how to incorporate the roug elements.